New Version Coming!

Hi Guys!

A new version for changing the Notification Area in Windows is coming in the next few days. 
I reverse engineered the explorer.exe and found the function for modifying the Tray Notification area for Windows.
So there’s no need for restarting the explorer.exe or to do anything with the registry. 

Thanks to Geoff Chappell for the Infos & Inspiration. (

So be excited!

The new Version works for XP,WinVista,Win7,Win8.

If there are any requests for the new Version please leave them in the comment section below.


11 thoughts on “New Version Coming!

  1. Yes, I am interested in the new version. I had been looking for a way to do this and the current version works great. I have only tested on Win 7, x64 so far.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Excellent tool! I do have an problem with it. I run in on win7x64 machines in a runonce script first time user logs on, but the first time I often get an appcrash, fault module ntdll.dll 6.1.7601.18247. Any idea? Second time I run the batch file it goes fine.

  3. Any thoughts on controlling this via group policy? I have a program that needs to always show. I thought about using GP to place the tray manager executable on the root of the c drive, then a VB script that runs the batch file silently so you don’t see the command window pop each time you login. Any better ideas?

    • Hi! I just tested it with Windows 10 Pro. It works at my machine.You have to use the winDows8 Dll for that. Please Dont forget to rename TrayNotificationManagementWin8.dll as described in the article.

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